Life’s Seed by Sam Tumblin

LIFE’S SEED BY SAM TUMBLIN From countless myriads never conceivedOften hands open  like apart of deedMuch older mingling there mind in greedSlander no matter elicit lies greedIs this your ambrosia guiltless you breedConceived deed greed breed your seedSorry to tell  you from my indigo I bleedCranium indigo birth genesis conceivedHeart hands open even though notContinue reading “Life’s Seed by Sam Tumblin”

Life’s Quest by Sam Tumblin

LIFE’S QUEST BY SAM TUMBLIN What is your  questLate nites no restUncertain sure of testUnadulterated like pestHere’s my life zestHopefully resurrect your questEmbrace all life testPush forward no restIgnore negative pestHere’s my life zestFinish your life quest Frye: The Classic Style You’ll Wear On Repeat – Shop The Veronica Combat Boot

Lyrics Freed by Sam Tumblin

LYRICS FREED BY SAM TUMBLIN Lyrics from my head beg to be freedDraining Indigo from my vein greedHeart no longer pulsating in sync toWhat spews forth is not what I thinkIndigo posseses what once livedNow cold embalmed cranium not  to giveGet the best worst fears and tearsSometimes mingled like a spearPenetrating your heart and mindCraniumContinue reading “Lyrics Freed by Sam Tumblin”

Rain So Soothing with audio link by Sam Tumblin

RAIN SO SOOTHING BY SAM TUMBLIN Why does the rain sound so soothing when it falls from the skyIt makes my mind go at ease or relax enjoying the natural highEnjoying the pitter patter of the rain drops as the heavens criesSun blocked from the clouds begging to be free but often triesWhy does theContinue reading “Rain So Soothing with audio link by Sam Tumblin”

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