Hand Got to Feed by Sam Tumblin

HAND GOT TO FEED BY SAM TUMBLIN Mind keep reciting Got to keep writing Like hungry in need My hand I have to feed Definitely on overload Brain and heart to decode After the stories told Famished and unsold That’s when I reload Until decrepit and old Millions hopefully sold All my tales told MindContinue reading “Hand Got to Feed by Sam Tumblin”

Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin

BEGINNING – END BY SAM TUMBLIN Why when we write we aspire to pen A fairy tale beginning and end my friend Is it the hour glass of life that dreadfully seeps Steadily alone so our mind wanders and peeps Hurriedly for the next folklore to tell Scared to lose our thought if long weContinue reading “Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin”

Respect Never A Given by Sam Tumblin

RESPECT NEVER A GIVEN BY SAM TUMBLIN Respect is never a given it should be earned Life lessons and regressions even if burned Why do you think respect should be a given Lores like that will always be a thoughtless misgiven Chin up eyes focus head erect Do what you do let your actions directContinue reading “Respect Never A Given by Sam Tumblin”

In Reverse by Sam Tumblin

IN REVERSE BY SAM TUMBLIN Can we go back in reverse Life was so great unrehearsed That was the real fun times Now all is sour like limes Once sat and laugh all day long Nothing never ever seemed wrong Troubled having something to say To make peace we always found a way Those definitelyContinue reading “In Reverse by Sam Tumblin”

Our Mark by Sam Tumblin

OUR MARK BY SAM TUMBLIN How do we know if we left our mark If we don’t know we even left a spark No fire or smoldering flame No smoke to see if it was even tamed Definitely great yourself to educate When older to see what did we create Can they really think forContinue reading “Our Mark by Sam Tumblin”

Not Hollow by Sam Tumblin

NOT HOLLOW BY SAM TUMBLIN My mind is not hollow So be careful if you follow As we interact and engage Be harmonious uncaged Give me your mind and soul That way we are locked as a whole Different but like minded together My world peaceful always forever Only way destiny to achieve Follow myContinue reading “Not Hollow by Sam Tumblin”

Life Speaks by Sam Tumblin

LIFE SPEAKS BY SAM TUMBLIN In life is there ever any silence I try to block out all non-compliance Everything consume my being Lost paths never no meaning I awake to hear my name Regurgitate yesterday old same Not to go my ear lobes pleads Life in these viens so I steadily bleed Punch theContinue reading “Life Speaks by Sam Tumblin”

Extract Combs by Sam Tumblin

EXTRACT COMBS BY SAM TUMBLIN Find the one you love is like honey Takes time to extract combs definitely not funny End result is the sweetness on the lips Never no thought about that the bees quip Flying around their nectar throngs Making nectar no clue to wrongs Find the one you love is likeContinue reading “Extract Combs by Sam Tumblin”

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