Heart Suffice by Sam Tumblin

HEART SUFFICE BY SAM TUMBLIN It’s amazing how we protect the ones we truly love like a sparrow Feeding clothing loving even if we have to give up our marrow For those experiencing this it’s all so nice Knowing you cared for others it feels good your heart suffice If not have you have givenContinue reading “Heart Suffice by Sam Tumblin”

Unplugged Never Prong by Sam Tumblin

UNPLUGGED NEVER PRONG BY SAM TUMBLIN My heart still beatsDeath It defies and DefeatsJust at a slow pitter patterReally doesn’t matterAimlessly I go onMy life unending songPast right or wrongUnplugged never prong My heart still beatsDeath It DefeatsPast living whyLife long past shyOn earth with a reasonEven if not my own treasonPast right or wrongUnpluggedContinue reading “Unplugged Never Prong by Sam Tumblin”

This Morning by Sam Tumblin

THIS MORNING BY SAM TUMBLIN Early this morning the sun is out Shining definitely without a doubt Making the day all so nice Couldn’t ask for more to suffice I’m definitely at ease Feeling the brisk cool breeze Dancing the mosquitoes still tease At peace they can do as they please Feels like this isContinue reading “This Morning by Sam Tumblin”

Scent Of Lavender by Sam Tumblin

SCENT OF LAVENDER BY SAM TUMBLIN Scent of lavender reminds me of you Even if wind blowing still true Fragrant smell peaks my heart Close my eyes wishing not to depart Scent of lavender is clean and pure Why your love is the natural cure Wish I could hold and bottle up But that wouldContinue reading “Scent Of Lavender by Sam Tumblin”

Eye Of The Storm by Sam Tumblin

EYE OF THE STORM BY SAM TUMBLIN In the eye of the storm do we remain undaunted unalarmed Or do we wither like a weed sprayed with pesticides not charmed When moments of truth do you spring and arise Maybe you the slick type know all the long than played surprised Whatever our thoughts andContinue reading “Eye Of The Storm by Sam Tumblin”

Time Fix by Sam Tumblin

TIME FIX BY SAM TUMBLIN Once in a blue moon my minds adrift On chaotic things in life endless riff Wishing time to fix like Doctor Who Navigating portals phone booth in lieu Eradicating my worstest dreams Drown them all in a warp of stream While the hour glass flows in reverse Fixing my pastContinue reading “Time Fix by Sam Tumblin”

Compose Life’s Rhymes by Sam Tumblin

COMPOSE LIFE’S RHYMES BY SAM TUMBLIN I’ve sat here to many times Trying to compose life rhymes Why did it happen and not To phantom makes your head rot Got to let your mind escape To another vision literary shape Very much more happier place So many smiles on one race Bombs and guns notContinue reading “Compose Life’s Rhymes by Sam Tumblin”

Drum Speak by Sam Tumblin

DRUM SPEAK BY SAM TUMBLIN Listen as my drum speak Clashes at the highest peak Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Smothers slow to a flow Tat…Tat…Tat you know Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Furious like a death knell Deafening like a school bell Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Tat…Tat…Tat Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Tat…Tat…Tat Still listening to my drums speak Let your mind go so it can wreak Havoc onContinue reading “Drum Speak by Sam Tumblin”

Eclipse by Sam Tumblin

ECLIPSE BY SAM TUMBLIN Like an eclipse I came and gone Maybe in my mind all alone Passing thoughts often blown Hope mark left will be known Just to end my lines as a fable To not end like a disbanded label To be the greatest we aspire But not all can fufill that desireContinue reading “Eclipse by Sam Tumblin”

Before We Breathe by Sam Tumblin

BEFORE WE BREATHE BY SAM TUMBLIN Before we breathe We scream and shout We scream and shout Never ever trying to find out What in the first place Led us to this distaste To eventually being very uncouth Unfortunately ending with a boot Definitely squared in our mouth We’re not talking cause we pout WhyContinue reading “Before We Breathe by Sam Tumblin”

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