Friday Polyester Music Hour!

FRIDAY POLYESTER MUSIC HOUR BY SAM TUMBLIN FRIDAY…FRIDAY…FRIDAY…POLYESTER HOUR!!!!! What you know about that? If youdon’t know let me briefly explain. “Friday Polyester Hour” as affectionately called by most DJ’s on Fridays when they playselect music mostly from the 70’s and 80’s sometimes early 90’s. This is just not any old songs from that eraContinue reading “Friday Polyester Music Hour!”

Sitting On My Swing by Sam Tumblin

Sitting On My Swing by Sam Tumblin Sitting on my swing watching birds in the summer tree’s While I’m feeling a cool breeze I wish this moment to forever freeze My mind far away it dreams to another time When there was no rhythm to the rhyme It was simpler times When a nickel wasContinue reading “Sitting On My Swing by Sam Tumblin”

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