Life’s Bowl by Sam Tumblin

In this realm are mangled soulsCrescendo together life’s bowlMany think the light to never seeSome look ahead as the sun peekEveryone has a take on lifeThe good the bad unexplained strifeThat’s what make it all grandEach ones soul to ultimately stand Can be viewed on Twitter Picture Credit pixababy

Fall Beautiful Day by Sam Tumblin

Fall now has just begunSuch a beautiful day in the sunTo feel the breeze yes indeedGlad to be alive almost like greedBut this monage is in a good wayJust want the most from this dayThat’s what we all want if I mayDisembark all troubles awayFall now has just begunGorgeous day in the sunNow the moonContinue reading “Fall Beautiful Day by Sam Tumblin”

Hand Got to Feed by Sam Tumblin

HAND GOT TO FEED BY SAM TUMBLIN Mind keep reciting Got to keep writing Like hungry in need My hand I have to feed Definitely on overload Brain and heart to decode After the stories told Famished and unsold That’s when I reload Until decrepit and old Millions hopefully sold All my tales told MindContinue reading “Hand Got to Feed by Sam Tumblin”

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