Herniated Disc Back Brace | Support Belt for Slipped & Bulging Disc Herniation – L

Herniated Disc Back Brace | Support Belt for Slipped & Bulging Disc Herniation – L

Herniated Disc Back Brace | Support Belt for Slipped & Bulging Disc Herniation - LHerniated Disc Back Brace | Support Belt for Slipped & Bulging Disc Herniation – L Is This Lower Back Brace Right for Me? Struggling with low-back pain? Choosing the right brace or product is an intimidating task. Whether your low back pain is caused by a pulled muscle, herniated disc, or arthritis, you won?t go wrong with this belt. The ability of this brace to completely support your lower back makes it a good option for many different lumbar back injuries or conditions including: Herniated discs Degenerative disc disease Spinal stenosis Sciatica Spondylolisthesis Post herniated disc or spinal fusion procedures General lumbar weakness Radiculopathy Stable, non-displaced spinal fractures (L2-L5) Facet syndrome Other sources of chronic or acute back pain Spondylolysis How Does This Brace Help Me Recover from a Lumbar Herniated Disc? A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, is a common condition, especially in older adults. The pain can be quite disruptive to your everyday life. A ruptured lumbar disc refers to when some of the soft inner material of a disc slips through a crack in its tough exterior. This differs from a bulging disc where the disc simply bulges outside of the space it normally occupies without rupturing. But the symptoms, causes, and conservative modes of care for herniated and bulging discs are largely the same. Still unsure about the difference between herniated, bulging, and ruptured discs? Check out this blog to help you differentiate between these spinal conditions. Do I Have a Slipped or Herniated Disc? The cause of a herniated disc in your spine or a bulging disc is often the gradual disc degeneration that occurs as you age. Sometimes a traumatic event or using your back muscles to lift something large or improperly is to blame for a ruptured disc in your lower back. Symptoms of a Herniated Disc In some cases, you may not even be aware this has happened. But if the herniated disk impacts one or several spinal nerves, it can cause intense pain in your buttocks, thigh, and calf that can eventually shoot into your arm or legs when you cough, sneeze, twist, etc. Other ruptured disc symptoms include numbness or tingling in the affected area, muscle weakness, and loss of bladder control in severe cases. How to Care for a Herniated Disc Rest and avoid high contact sports and heavy lifting Perform therapeutic physical therapy exercises Use heat and ice therapy to reduce inflammation and soothe sore tissues Talk to your doctor about injections or surgery Buy a high-quality mattress for disc herniation Whether you are able to treat a herniated disk using a conservative or surgical approach will depend upon the severity of your symptoms, as well as the health of the individual. In roughly 90% of patients, conservative methods are enough to ease the symptoms of a herniated disc. But for a small number of patients, surgery to remove the protruding part of the disc or, in rare cases, the entire disc. This at-home decompression back brace offers the support you will need after undergoing such surgeries. While herniated discs are most common in the lumbar spine, they can also occur farther up in the thoracic and cervical spine. Because the inserts of this device extend to your T9 vertebrae, the traction brace can also help with a herniated disc in your middle or upper back. 5 Reasons People Love This Decompression Back Brace Front and Back Panels Provide Maximum Support The combination of anterior (front) and posterior (back) panels provides optimal compression and stabilization, which reduces pressure on your spine by shifting some of the load to your abdomen and improving your posture. The inserts are made of a lightweight, heavy-duty plastic that is durable, impact- and heat-resistant. Anatomically designed, the medical-grade inserts support the natural curve of your spine for a comfortable fit! Although we recommend leaving them in, except when washing, both panels can be removed. Depending on the level of compression you desire or what activities you are doing, your back may need more or less support. Comfortable and Breathable Material This traction brace for lower back pain relief is comprised of a breathable and soft material. You don?t have to worry about the lumbosacral corset rubbing or irritating your skin as the mesh material lies comfortably against your back. Due to the lightweight material, you can wear this full back support beneath or over your clothes, depending on your preference. Easy Application Secured via fasteners, which makes the application process for this decompression belt for lower back pain fairly simple. However, for the best fit and easiest application, you may want someone to help you put on the brace, especially the first time. If you have limited upper body strength or arthritis, make sure to use the convenient hand loops. Elastic double-pull tabs make it easy to achieve a secure and custom fit. The closures are located in the front so you don?t have to worry about twisting or turning, which could further harm your back. Po

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