Cooking Red Beans with Sam Tumblin


Nothing like eating some “Red Beans and Rice”! It just seems to have a harmonic
hypnotic smell that just seems to permeate the neighborhood when it’s cooking. Got
my taste buds running rampant thinking about it!
Red Beans are very easy to prepare and cook especially depends on the brand. Enough
of me yapping…Let me give you my recipe to prepare this dish.
One Sixteen Ounce Red Bean
(Camellia) if available
One Onion Diced
One Clove of Garlic Diced
One Bell pepper Diced
2 Tbs. (Tony Chachere) if available
If not use
One Tbs. of Salt
One Tbs. of black pepper
One Tbs. Zatarains Cayenne Pepper
One Tbs. of Lou Ana Vegetable Oil
Sausage, Smoked Tasso your choice
First boil the red beans in a large pot for about two hours or until tender. Next add all
ingredients with beans and return to a boil for about thirty minutes. Remember to stir
often as the beans cook so not to burn and stick.
There you have it! My mouth watering recipe that permeates the neighborhood!
Products Mentioned That I Use products can be substituted
*Camellia Red Beans
*Tony Chachere
*Lou Ana Vegetable Oil

*Any recipes mentioned in this post or others written by me Sam Tumblin

Picture Credit: Pixababy

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