Rain So Soothing with audio link by Sam Tumblin

RAIN SO SOOTHING BY SAM TUMBLIN Why does the rain sound so soothing when it falls from the skyIt makes my mind go at ease or relax enjoying the natural highEnjoying the pitter patter of the rain drops as the heavens criesSun blocked from the clouds begging to be free but often triesWhy does theContinue reading “Rain So Soothing with audio link by Sam Tumblin”

See The Stars by Sam Tumblin

SEE THE STARS BY SAM TUMBLIN Gazing in your eyes I see the starsShining from your pupil from afarOften leaves me frozen in timeLost in thought no rythm or rhymeThan I bow my head in shameNothing I compose deserves a claimTo attest to your shameless beautyGlad to call you mines is my dutyAlways my littleContinue reading “See The Stars by Sam Tumblin”

Live Forever by Sam Tumblin

LIVE FOREVER BY SAM TUMBLIN To live forever is a wish for all Time in the end bequeaths and call Back to the ground entombed with grace Predestined eulogy no matter the race This truth we may not all embrace With the last shovel a proven case So live your life day by day EnjoyingContinue reading “Live Forever by Sam Tumblin”

Cooking Red Beans with Sam Tumblin

COOKING RED BEANS Nothing like eating some “Red Beans and Rice”! It just seems to have a harmonichypnotic smell that just seems to permeate the neighborhood when it’s cooking. Gotmy taste buds running rampant thinking about it!Red Beans are very easy to prepare and cook especially depends on the brand. Enoughof me yapping…Let me giveContinue reading “Cooking Red Beans with Sam Tumblin”

Life’s Bowl by Sam Tumblin

LIFE’S BOWL BY SAM TUMBLIN In this realm are mangled soulsCrescendo together life’s bowlMany think the light to never seeSome look ahead as the sun peekEveryone has a take on lifeThe good the bad unexplained strifeThat’s what make it all grandEach ones soul to ultimately stand Can be viewed on Twitter  https://t.co/bhtyd1ole4 Picture Credit pixababyContinue reading “Life’s Bowl by Sam Tumblin”

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