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  • Pearl’s Beauty by Sam Tumblin
    Once it’s found show for all to glance
  • My Dream by Sam Tumblin
    MY DREAM Careless dreams in the night scream In our head flourishing as we gleam Insight on trying to live as we deem Passing glimpses of life never seen Long ago faces no longer to see Some loves never ever meant to be it Transpires in height of desire Than put down cause there was […]
  • Thursday Thought Of The Day by Sam Tumblin…. Smile
    Smile! In the end everything will be fine. Picture credit Unsplash Xtratuf Canada Use code AFF10 and get 10% off sitewide. Shop New Arrivals: Marine Footwear and Fishing Boots. Engineered to Withstand the World’s Toughest Conditions Transform Fine, Thin Hair & Save $19.50 Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with […]
  • Take Your Mind by Sam Tumblin
    TAKE YOUR MIND To take your mind right here would be my best cheer Your mind takenfar away from here Be a treat of mines To throw infinite blows to yourmind Mind bending highs and lows Leaving you thoughtless blows Like a kiss from a stranger I’ll return your mind back With all of your […]
  • Sitting On My Swing by Sam Tumblin
    Sitting On My Swing Sitting on my swing watching birds in the summer tree’s While I’m feeling a cool breeze I wish this moment to forever freeze My mind far away it dreams to another time When there was no rhythm to the rhyme It was simpler times When a nickel was a nickel and […]
  • Saturday Thoughts by Sam Tumblin…. Ingrained For Change
  • Fog Inside by Sam Tumblin
    FOG INSIDE There’s a fog that thickens inside The harder you peer your eyes confide Unsure out of body what the heart see Terrified to take a step forward free Scared to take a tumble and fall Rather stay put than attempt to stall In the end always some destination In life never a clear […]
  • My Mix My Ambrosia by Sam Tumblin
    MY MIX MY AMBROSIA BY SAM TUMBLIN Many ask how I conceive my ambrosia Mix of poetry lyrics lost words psychotic my closure Often spews and bubbles forth from the depths of the unknown Lingering mix of passion traction past that never flees Begs to be freed blocked from natural laws that entangle me My […]
  • Hoping For Brighter Days by Sam Tumblin
    Hoping for brighter days before the end This is a crazy world wein It’s only pain and misery we seeSometimes there’s no outlet fromwhat be So I close my eyes to hide So my mind can bribe what’s inside Take away everything I know and see As long as I’m here troubles flee So that […]
  • Tears In My Eyes by Sam Tumblin
    Can’t you see these tears in my eyes Cause I don’t want you to walk out of my life My heart is like shattered glass That was drop with a moan and a gasp On and on they flow down Till only the ground hear the sound Of lost hopes and memories And a love […]
  • Love Can Bring You Joy by Sam Tumblin
    Love can bring you joy Love can bring you happiness Love can bring you a piece of mind That only me and you canfind Because me and you have stood the very test of time Forever and ever, our love shall always shine Because me and you will forever be… Like pearls in a wide […]

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