Hand Got to Feed by Sam Tumblin


Mind keep reciting

Got to keep writing

Like hungry in need

My hand I have to feed

Definitely on overload

Brain and heart to decode

After the stories told

Famished and unsold

That’s when I reload

Until decrepit and old

Millions hopefully sold

All my tales told

Mind keep reciting

Got to keep writing

But that’s my dream

Cheddar and the cream

Isn’t that so sweet

Spend before you tweet

But that’s what my hand write

Ink pouring like sprite

Hope that’s not contrite

Never meant to incite

But I have to eat

Paper is my meat

Mind keep reciting

Got to keep writing

Hope to be inviting

Filemeon we biting

But to achieve this first

Got to repeat this verse

Write like you got to eat

Recite until you beat

Pen on the table

Lost tales and fables

Like hungry in need

Your hand got to feed

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