Take Your Mind Podcast by Sam Tumblin


Poetry reading of Take You our Mind by Sam Tumblin. Listen now to the podcast.

  • Pearl’s Beauty by Sam Tumblin
    Once it’s found show for all to glance
  • My Dream by Sam Tumblin
    MY DREAM Careless dreams in the night scream In our head flourishing as we gleam Insight on trying to live as we deem Passing glimpses of life never seen Long ago faces no longer to see Some loves never ever meant to be it Transpires in height of desire Than put down cause there was […]
  • Thursday Thought Of The Day by Sam Tumblin…. Smile
    Smile! In the end everything will be fine. Picture credit Unsplash Transform Fine, Thin Hair & Save $19.50 Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase
  • Take Your Mind by Sam Tumblin
    TAKE YOUR MIND To take your mind right here would be my best cheer Your mind takenfar away from here Be a treat of mines To throw infinite blows to yourmind Mind bending highs and lows Leaving you thoughtless blows Like a kiss from a stranger I’ll return your mind back With all of your […]
  • Sitting On My Swing by Sam Tumblin
    Sitting On My Swing Sitting on my swing watching birds in the summer tree’s While I’m feeling a cool breeze I wish this moment to forever freeze My mind far away it dreams to another time When there was no rhythm to the rhyme It was simpler times When a nickel was a nickel and […]
  • Saturday Thoughts by Sam Tumblin…. Ingrained For Change
  • Fog Inside by Sam Tumblin
    FOG INSIDE There’s a fog that thickens inside The harder you peer your eyes confide Unsure out of body what the heart see Terrified to take a step forward free Scared to take a tumble and fall Rather stay put than attempt to stall In the end always some destination In life never a clear […]
  • My Mix My Ambrosia by Sam Tumblin
    MY MIX MY AMBROSIA BY SAM TUMBLIN Many ask how I conceive my ambrosia Mix of poetry lyrics lost words psychotic my closure Often spews and bubbles forth from the depths of the unknown Lingering mix of passion traction past that never flees Begs to be freed blocked from natural laws that entangle me My […]
  • Hoping For Brighter Days by Sam Tumblin
    Hoping for brighter days before the end This is a crazy world wein It’s only pain and misery we seeSometimes there’s no outlet fromwhat be So I close my eyes to hide So my mind can bribe what’s inside Take away everything I know and see As long as I’m here troubles flee So that […]
  • Tears In My Eyes by Sam Tumblin
    Can’t you see these tears in my eyes Cause I don’t want you to walk out of my life My heart is like shattered glass That was drop with a moan and a gasp On and on they flow down Till only the ground hear the sound Of lost hopes and memories And a love […]
  • Love Can Bring You Joy by Sam Tumblin
    Love can bring you joy Love can bring you happiness Love can bring you a piece of mind That only me and you canfind Because me and you have stood the very test of time Forever and ever, our love shall always shine Because me and you will forever be… Like pearls in a wide […]
  • Stream Laadki (Aanvi Desai – Vocal Cover) Remix…. By Sam Tumblin
    Listen Now
  • Stream “She Said Fly With Me” by Sam Tumblin
    Listen Now
  • Stream BREATHE AGAIN Remix by Sam Tumblin
    Listen Now
  • Stream Sour Patch by Tony Sour Remixed by Sam Tumblin
    Listen Now
  • Stream Silent Melody by Sam Tumblin (Official) | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
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  • Be Read by Sam Tumblin
    BE READ BY SAM TUMBLIN Why when we are dead It’s the only time we can be read Stretched out on that table Directing all fables That’s when the mortician Assumes two position Figuring what led you to lay Was it health or dismay Later stitch you back Embalming fluid to now pack You have […]
  • Verbatim by Sam Tumblin
    Back and forth in our minds Verbatim by verbatim the beat reminds
  • Left To Achieve by Sam Tumblin
    LEFT TO ACHIEVE BY SAM TUMBLIN What in this life is there left to achieve On life support clinging we barely breathe Every day in the world some form of fray More young dead will no longer play War and disease always takes it’s toll Both claim the most please don’t poll Greed some way […]
  • Sam Tumblin – Tears in My Eyes | iHeartRadio
    SAM TUMBLIN TEARS – IN MY EYES iHeartRadio Tears In My Eyes Single Written By Sam Tumblin Available Now On iHeartRadio And Other Digital Platforms. https://www.iheart.com/artist/sam-tumblin-847850/albums/tears-in-my-eyes-107250312/
  • Sam Tumblin – I Had a Dream | iHeartRadio
    SAM TUMBLIN – I HAD A DREAM | iHeartRadio I Had A Dream Single Written By Sam Tumblin Available Now On iHeartRadio And Other Digital Platforms. https://www.iheart.com/artist/sam-tumblin-847850/albums/i-had-a-dream-107326098/ Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
  • Truly Free by Sam Tumblin
    TRULY FREE BY SAM TUMBLIN Would be nice to be truly free Far from our gloomy dark history Hunger corruption enmity strife From birth our present life Going down the gutter in ashes flames Hasn’t this always been life claim to fame Conceived out coffin buried in Repeat this regurgitation over the years again One […]
  • Journey by Sam Tumblin
    JOURNEY BY SAM TUMBLIN I started this journey a long time ago Living life aimlessly no place to go So much pain no one to confide Until I let you into my mind I tried to hideYou say that’s strange let it be You say that’s strange let it beCause you always will be therefor […]
  • Whispers Slipping Away by Sam Tumblin
    WHISPERS SLIPPING AWAY BY SAM TUMBLIN It’s all just whisphers slipping away If you say you love me but never say Maybe this a game you always play Kiss’em and love’em than go astray This is not how this suppose to be I want to hear your voice indefinitely You will always be mines for […]
  • Close Your Eyes And Dance by Sam Tumblin
    CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DANCE BY SAM TUMBLIN Close your eyes and dance the night with me Spin you round and round until you feel free Make you feel like your an a far away place Swinging in each others arms to the tones with grace Don’t want this night to never ever come to […]
  • Eyes Open by Sam Tumblin
    EYES OPEN BY SAM TUMBLIN My eyes are open but really still closed Trying to block out what irks I once supposed Lost dreams and passion that I longed to be The years flashed so fast sad no fulfillment for me My eyes are open but really still closed Trying to block out what irks […]
  • Wind And It’s Throne by Sam Tumblin
    WIND AND IT’S THRONE BY SAM TUMBLIN It’s cold and the wind is strong Dust flying claiming its throne The air shivers me deep in my bone Each body part beg to be alone I grip my winter coat a little tighter Needing the warmth and brighter The sun is out but its still cold […]
  • Before We Breathe by Sam Tumblin
    BEFORE WE BREATHE BY SAM TUMBLIN Before we breathe We scream and shout We scream and shout Never ever trying to find out What in the first place Led us to this distaste To eventually being very uncouth Unfortunately ending with a boot Definitely squared in our mouth We’re not talking cause we pout Why […]
  • Eclipse by Sam Tumblin
    ECLIPSE BY SAM TUMBLIN Like an eclipse I came and gone Maybe in my mind all alone Passing thoughts often blown Hope mark left will be known Just to end my lines as a fable To not end like a disbanded label To be the greatest we aspire But not all can fufill that desire […]
  • Drum Speak by Sam Tumblin
    DRUM SPEAK BY SAM TUMBLIN Listen as my drum speak Clashes at the highest peak Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Smothers slow to a flow Tat…Tat…Tat you know Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Furious like a death knell Deafening like a school bell Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Tat…Tat…Tat Bam…Bam…Bam…Bam Tat…Tat…Tat Still listening to my drums speak Let your mind go so it can wreak Havoc on […]
  • Compose Life’s Rhymes by Sam Tumblin
    COMPOSE LIFE’S RHYMES BY SAM TUMBLIN I’ve sat here to many times Trying to compose life rhymes Why did it happen and not To phantom makes your head rot Got to let your mind escape To another vision literary shape Very much more happier place So many smiles on one race Bombs and guns not […]
  • My Daily Creed by Sam Tumblin
    MY DAILY CREED BY SAM TUMBLIN This is my personal daily creed I Wear on my heart only I read Pushing myself to the limit everyday Nothing can stop me definitely no way Set my mind till the deed is done I hate to waste time as others run We’re imperfect but my mind is […]
  • Firefly by Sam Tumblin
    FIREFLY BY SAM TUMBLIN Fire fly why do you fly away After lighting my path like the day Is this your ploy to leave and go Than illuminate the night just so To emancipate a smile from me Admiring the crafter’s hand I see As with all humans and non creativity Moon and stars even […]
  • Time Fix by Sam Tumblin
    TIME FIX BY SAM TUMBLIN Once in a blue moon my minds adrift On chaotic things in life endless riff Wishing time to fix like Doctor Who Navigating portals phone booth in lieu Eradicating my worstest dreams Drown them all in a warp of stream While the hour glass flows in reverse Fixing my past […]
  • Eye Of The Storm by Sam Tumblin
    EYE OF THE STORM BY SAM TUMBLIN In the eye of the storm do we remain undaunted unalarmed Or do we wither like a weed sprayed with pesticides not charmed When moments of truth do you spring and arise Maybe you the slick type know all the long than played surprised Whatever our thoughts and […]
  • Friday Polyester Music Hour!
    FRIDAY POLYESTER MUSIC HOUR BY SAM TUMBLIN FRIDAY…FRIDAY…FRIDAY…POLYESTER HOUR!!!!! What you know about that? If youdon’t know let me briefly explain. “Friday Polyester Hour” as affectionately called by most DJ’s on Fridays when they playselect music mostly from the 70’s and 80’s sometimes early 90’s. This is just not any old songs from that era […]
  • Scent Of Lavender by Sam Tumblin
    SCENT OF LAVENDER BY SAM TUMBLIN Scent of lavender reminds me of you Even if wind blowing still true Fragrant smell peaks my heart Close my eyes wishing not to depart Scent of lavender is clean and pure Why your love is the natural cure Wish I could hold and bottle up But that would […]
  • This Morning by Sam Tumblin
    THIS MORNING BY SAM TUMBLIN Early this morning the sun is out Shining definitely without a doubt Making the day all so nice Couldn’t ask for more to suffice I’m definitely at ease Feeling the brisk cool breeze Dancing the mosquitoes still tease At peace they can do as they please Feels like this is […]
  • Unplugged Never Prong by Sam Tumblin
    UNPLUGGED NEVER PRONG BY SAM TUMBLIN My heart still beatsDeath It defies and DefeatsJust at a slow pitter patterReally doesn’t matterAimlessly I go onMy life unending songPast right or wrongUnplugged never prong My heart still beatsDeath It DefeatsPast living whyLife long past shyOn earth with a reasonEven if not my own treasonPast right or wrongUnplugged […]
  • Heart Suffice by Sam Tumblin
    HEART SUFFICE BY SAM TUMBLIN It’s amazing how we protect the ones we truly love like a sparrow Feeding clothing loving even if we have to give up our marrow For those experiencing this it’s all so nice Knowing you cared for others it feels good your heart suffice If not have you have given […]
  • Extract Combs by Sam Tumblin
    EXTRACT COMBS BY SAM TUMBLIN Find the one you love is like honey Takes time to extract combs definitely not funny End result is the sweetness on the lips Never no thought about that the bees quip Flying around their nectar throngs Making nectar no clue to wrongs Find the one you love is like […]
  • Life Speaks by Sam Tumblin
    LIFE SPEAKS BY SAM TUMBLIN In life is there ever any silence I try to block out all non-compliance Everything consume my being Lost paths never no meaning I awake to hear my name Regurgitate yesterday old same Not to go my ear lobes pleads Life in these viens so I steadily bleed Punch the […]
  • Not Hollow by Sam Tumblin
    NOT HOLLOW BY SAM TUMBLIN My mind is not hollow So be careful if you follow As we interact and engage Be harmonious uncaged Give me your mind and soul That way we are locked as a whole Different but like minded together My world peaceful always forever Only way destiny to achieve Follow my […]
  • Our Mark by Sam Tumblin
    OUR MARK BY SAM TUMBLIN How do we know if we left our mark If we don’t know we even left a spark No fire or smoldering flame No smoke to see if it was even tamed Definitely great yourself to educate When older to see what did we create Can they really think for […]
  • In Reverse by Sam Tumblin
    IN REVERSE BY SAM TUMBLIN Can we go back in reverse Life was so great unrehearsed That was the real fun times Now all is sour like limes Once sat and laugh all day long Nothing never ever seemed wrong Troubled having something to say To make peace we always found a way Those definitely […]
    Pearl’s Beauty by Sam Tumblin Subscribe Now Follow link below for podcast https://hubhopper.com/podcast/1-poet-forever-by-sam-tumblin/331257
  • In Reverse by Sam Tumblin Podcast
    IN REVERSE BY SAM TUMBLIN PODCAST SUBSCRIBE NOW FOLLOW LINK BELOW FOR 1 POET FOEVER PODCAST https://hubhopper.com/podcast/1-poet-forever-by-sam-tumblin/331257 Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
  • Beg For Our Bars by Sam Tumblin
    BEG FOR OUR BARS BY SAM TUMBLIN So they beg for our bars Inundate us as stars Now we glossing from afar Thinking life is at par Got to keep striving and pushing This wretched life offers no cushion Lies deceit just plain old attrition Think back when being the best was your only mission […]
  • Respect Never A Given by Sam Tumblin
    RESPECT NEVER A GIVEN BY SAM TUMBLIN Respect is never a given it should be earned Life lessons and regressions even if burned Why do you think respect should be a given Lores like that will always be a thoughtless misgiven Chin up eyes focus head erect Do what you do let your actions direct […]
  • Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin
    BEGINNING – END BY SAM TUMBLIN Why when we write we aspire to pen A fairy tale beginning and end my friend Is it the hour glass of life that dreadfully seeps Steadily alone so our mind wanders and peeps Hurriedly for the next folklore to tell Scared to lose our thought if long we […]
  • Smitten by The Best by Sam Tumblin
    Sometimes it’s hard to confess When you’ve been smitten by the best
  • A Great Day by Sam Tumblin Podcast
    A GREAT DAY BY SAM TUMBLIN PODCAST Listen now to A Great Day by Sam Tumblin podcast.
  • My Dream by Sam Tumblin Podcast
    MY DREAM BY SAM TUMBLIN PODCAST Listen now to My Dream by Sam Tumblin poem on podcast.
  • Take Your Mind Podcast by Sam Tumblin
    TAKE YOUR MIND PODCAST BY SAM TUMBLIN Poetry reading of Take You our Mind by Sam Tumblin. Listen now to the podcast.
  • Beg For Our Bars Podcast by Sam Tumblin
    Listen now to Beg For Our Bars by Sam Tumblin Episode.
  • Glitch In Life by Sam Tumblin
    GLITCH IN LIFE BY SAM TUMBLIN Is it a glitch in lifeFor a moment free from strifeHave not a careNo one else torch to bareFloat amongst the cloudsBecause all problems are plowedFar in another remote placeVacuum of life’s rat raceIs it a glitch in lifeFor a moment mentally sufficeTo be happy with your thoughtsReal inner […]
  • Go On by Sam Tumblin
    Stay on course pressures obstacles will be relieved
  • Hand Got to Feed by Sam Tumblin
    HAND GOT TO FEED BY SAM TUMBLIN Mind keep reciting Got to keep writing Like hungry in need My hand I have to feed Definitely on overload Brain and heart to decode After the stories told Famished and unsold That’s when I reload Until decrepit and old Millions hopefully sold All my tales told Mind […]
  • Thursday Thought Of The Day… Visualize by Sam Tumblin
    THURSDAY THOUGHT OF THE DAY… VISUALIZE BY SAM TUMBLIN VISUALIZE IN YOUR MIND YOU’RE SUCCESSFUL…. BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE SUCCESSFUL SINCE DAY ONE shop nowUp To $60 Off For Halloween Day Sale Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
  • Pied Piper Set You Free by Sam Tumblin
    Pied piper has set you free So let your mind flee
  • Our Dream by Sam Tumblin
    DREAM BY SAM TUMBLIN No matter if you see our dream or vision or not No matter culture race we all dream creativity no doubt Our dream Our dream as we deem Our dream Charming Charlie: Fall Into Sale – Take An Additional 50% Off All Clearance Styles!
  • Sleep And Dream by Sam Tumblin
  • Analogy Of The Lost Petal by Sam Tumblin
    Just open your eyes and read my life’s short whim We are conceived attached to the to womb much like the petal to stem
  • Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin podcast
    Listen now to Beginning – End podcast by Sam Tumblin Listen Now On Hubhopper Listen Now On Spotify Listen Now On Google Podcast Listen Now On acast Frye: The New West – Shop The Sacha Collection; infuse modern Western style into your fall look with our bestselling Sacha Chelsea bootie Affiliate links are on post […]
  • Glitch In Life by Sam Tumblin podcast
    Listen now to Glitch In Life  by Sam Tumblin Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
  • Fall Beautiful Day by Sam Tumblin
    FALL BEAUTIFUL DAY BY SAM TUMBLIN Fall now has just begunSuch a beautiful day in the sunTo feel the breeze yes indeedGlad to be alive almost like greedBut this monage is in a good wayJust want the most from this dayThat’s what we all want if I mayDisembark all troubles awayFall now has just begunGorgeous […]
  • Life’s Bowl by Sam Tumblin
    LIFE’S BOWL BY SAM TUMBLIN In this realm are mangled soulsCrescendo together life’s bowlMany think the light to never seeSome look ahead as the sun peekEveryone has a take on lifeThe good the bad unexplained strifeThat’s what make it all grandEach ones soul to ultimately stand Picture Credit pixababy Affiliate links are on post if […]
  • Better Life Exclamation by Sam Tumblin
    All of us in turn return with saturation The day as one with elation Better life exclamation
  • Cooking Red Beans with Sam Tumblin
    COOKING RED BEANS Nothing like eating some “Red Beans and Rice”! It just seems to have a harmonichypnotic smell that just seems to permeate the neighborhood when it’s cooking. Gotmy taste buds running rampant thinking about it!Red Beans are very easy to prepare and cook especially depends on the brand. Enoughof me yapping…Let me give […]
  • Live Forever by Sam Tumblin
    LIVE FOREVER BY SAM TUMBLIN To live forever is a wish for all Time in the end bequeaths and call Back to the ground entombed with grace Predestined eulogy no matter the race This truth we may not all embrace With the last shovel a proven case So live your life day by day Enjoying […]
  • See The Stars by Sam Tumblin
    SEE THE STARS BY SAM TUMBLIN Gazing in your eyes I see the starsShining from your pupil from afarOften leaves me frozen in timeLost in thought no rythm or rhymeThan I bow my head in shameNothing I compose deserves a claimTo attest to your shameless beautyGlad to call you mines is my dutyAlways my little […]
  • Rain So Soothing with audio link by Sam Tumblin
    RAIN SO SOOTHING BY SAM TUMBLIN Why does the rain sound so soothing when it falls from the skyIt makes my mind go at ease or relax enjoying the natural highEnjoying the pitter patter of the rain drops as the heavens criesSun blocked from the clouds begging to be free but often triesWhy does the […]
  • Not Hollow Podcast by Sam Tumblin
    NOT HOLLOW Listen now to Not Hollow Brookstone: 35% Off Celliant Performance Sheet Set
  • Life’s Bowl by podcast by Sam Tumblin
    LIFE’S BOWL by Sam Tumblin Listen now to Life’s Bowl Podcast Aquatalia: You’ve Got Options – Shop The Dalia Boot; crafted in the finest Italian leather and suede, this weatherproof boot is available in 4 ways Picture Credit Pixababy
  • Evolve by Sam Tumblin
    EVOLVE BY SAM TUMBLIN EVOLVE AND QUENCH YOUR MIND WITH KNOWLEDGE. Picture Credit Pixababy Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
  • Fall Beautiful Day podcast by Sam Tumblin
    Listen now to Fall Beautiful Day Listen now to Fall Beautiful Day Picture Credit Pixababy Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase
  • Lyrics Freed by Sam Tumblin
    LYRICS FREED BY SAM TUMBLIN Lyrics from my head beg to be freedDraining Indigo from my vein greedHeart no longer pulsating in sync toWhat spews forth is not what I thinkIndigo posseses what once livedNow cold embalmed cranium not  to giveGet the best worst fears and tearsSometimes mingled like a spearPenetrating your heart and mindCranium […]
  • Close Your Eyes And Dance podcast on Spotify
    Listen now to Close Your Eyes And Dance podcast on Spotify Picture Credit Pixababy Got Oil Supplies has the essential oil gear you need Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
  • Listen On hubhopper now to Close your Eyes And Dance podcast
    LISTEN NOW TO CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DANCE PODCAST https://hubhopper.com/episode/close-your-eyes-and-dance-by-sam-tumblin-1637068495 Picture Credit Pixababy CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DANCE CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DANCE
  • Truly Free Podcast by Sam Tumblin on hubhopper and other podcast platforms
    TRULY FREE PODCAST BY SAM TUMBLIN Listen now on hubhopper.com to Truly Free by Sam Tumblin https://hubhopper.com/episode/truly-free-by-sam-tumblin-1637006477 Spotify GooglePodcast Gaana Amazon Music Hungama Acast Breaker ListenNotes TuneIn Bullhorn Podkicker PodCasts AddictPodcast Podcast Index Podtail PodLp Fyyd Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase
    TEARS IN MY EYES STREAM TEARS IN MY EYES NOW BY SAM TUMBLIN’ TEARS IN MY EYES Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase.
    HOPING FOR BRIGHTER DAYS STREAM NOW HOPING FOR BRIGHTER DAYS BY SAM TUMBLIN’ HOPING FOR BRIGHTER DAYS Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase
    I HAD A DREAM STREAM I HAD A DREAM WRITTEN BY SAM TUMBLIN’ I HAD A DREAM I HAD A DREAM Web Hosting by iPage – Affordable and E-Commerce Enabled
  • Life’s Quest by Sam Tumblin
    LIFE’S QUEST BY SAM TUMBLIN What is your  questLate nites no restUncertain sure of testUnadulterated like pestHere’s my life zestHopefully resurrect your questEmbrace all life testPush forward no restIgnore negative pestHere’s my life zestFinish your life quest Royalty-Free Photos and Vectors
  • Life’s Seed by Sam Tumblin
    LIFE’S SEED BY SAM TUMBLIN From countless myriads never conceivedOften hands open  like apart of deedMuch older mingling there mind in greedSlander no matter elicit lies greedIs this your ambrosia guiltless you breedConceived deed greed breed your seedSorry to tell  you from my indigo I bleedCranium indigo birth genesis conceivedHeart hands open even though not […]
  • Silence by Sam Tumblin
    SILENCE Silence makes one strong Silence can right wrongs Silence can be a beast Silence will ultimately feast Silence strength when well used Silence others will wonder if abused Silence some wonder if a fool Silence used right dangerous tool Picture credit pixababy Charming Charlie: Buy One, Get One 60% Off Jewelry Oct 6-9 Affiliate […]
  • Listen Now To Silence Podcast by Sam Tumblin
    SILENCE Silence Podcast Kenneth Cole: Columbus Day Event! Low Prices Starting at $25 Oct 6-11
    PIED PIPER SET YOU FREE Listen now to Pied Piper Set You Free by Sam Tumblin Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase
  • Reach The Peak
    REACH THE PEAK You’ve climbed the mountainBasked in its acclaimed fountainComplacent happy in lifeFeeling you’re over the summit of strifeBut really have you reached the peakLook around before you speakA cloud looms over what is steepThe mountain is still a massive heapNever get complacent in lifeAlways will be endless clouds of strifeSo keep climbing that […]
  • Reach The Peak podcast by Sam Tumblin
    REACH THE PEAK Listen Now To Reach The Peak podcast Picture credits pixababy
  • Million Strong by Sam Tumblin
    MILLION STRONG Tell me what’s the worth of a million strongLights dim singing hyms repriations wrongNo debate educate enlighten work no songBury whims of mysery of sorrow how longStaying stagnant mind set eternity prolongEnslaved engraved only you can make it strongMillion strong new hyms lights bright ones throngNow it’s of value a million strong An […]
  • Million Strong podcast by Sam Tumblin
    MILLION STRONG Listen Now To Million Strong by Sam Tumblin Nadula Hair for Nadula Flash SaleDrop To $77 Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase
  • February Gold by Sam Tumblin
    FEBRUARY GOLD stealth external bold she never changes or folds this what makes February gold Affiliate links are on post if clicked on I maybe compensated with a qualifying purchase

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