Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin


Why when we write we aspire to pen

A fairy tale beginning and end my friend

Is it the hour glass of life that dreadfully seeps

Steadily alone so our mind wanders and peeps

Hurriedly for the next folklore to tell

Scared to lose our thought if long we dwell

Writer’s block but begging for a sequel

Thinking about the new chapter but never no equal

In the end we sigh and say all will be swell

Even when dead our pens will tell infinite tales

From beginning to end if we gave our all

Or even not we let the pen tumble and fall

Scurrying to another venue with a new view

Hour glass laughed from beginning to end I thought you knew

Time waits on no one…. not even a few

Picture Credits pixababy

Published by 1 Poet Forever

Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Blogger

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