Unplugged Never Prong by Sam Tumblin

UNPLUGGED NEVER PRONG BY SAM TUMBLIN My heart still beatsDeath It defies and DefeatsJust at a slow pitter patterReally doesn’t matterAimlessly I go onMy life unending songPast right or wrongUnplugged never prong My heart still beatsDeath It DefeatsPast living whyLife long past shyOn earth with a reasonEven if not my own treasonPast right or wrongUnpluggedContinue reading “Unplugged Never Prong by Sam Tumblin”

This Morning by Sam Tumblin

THIS MORNING BY SAM TUMBLIN Early this morning the sun is out Shining definitely without a doubt Making the day all so nice Couldn’t ask for more to suffice I’m definitely at ease Feeling the brisk cool breeze Dancing the mosquitoes still tease At peace they can do as they please Feels like this isContinue reading “This Morning by Sam Tumblin”

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