Glitch In Life by Sam Tumblin

GLITCH IN LIFE BY SAM TUMBLIN Is it a glitch in lifeFor a moment free from strifeHave not a careNo one else torch to bareFloat amongst the cloudsBecause all problems are plowedFar in another remote placeVacuum of life’s rat raceIs it a glitch in lifeFor a moment mentally sufficeTo be happy with your thoughtsReal innerContinue reading “Glitch In Life by Sam Tumblin”

Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin

BEGINNING – END BY SAM TUMBLIN Why when we write we aspire to pen A fairy tale beginning and end my friend Is it the hour glass of life that dreadfully seeps Steadily alone so our mind wanders and peeps Hurriedly for the next folklore to tell Scared to lose our thought if long weContinue reading “Beginning – End by Sam Tumblin”

Respect Never A Given by Sam Tumblin

RESPECT NEVER A GIVEN BY SAM TUMBLIN Respect is never a given it should be earned Life lessons and regressions even if burned Why do you think respect should be a given Lores like that will always be a thoughtless misgiven Chin up eyes focus head erect Do what you do let your actions directContinue reading “Respect Never A Given by Sam Tumblin”

Beg For Our Bars by Sam Tumblin

BEG FOR OUR BARS BY SAM TUMBLIN So they beg for our bars Inundate us as stars Now we glossing from afar Thinking life is at par Got to keep striving and pushing This wretched life offers no cushion Lies deceit just plain old attrition Think back when being the best was your only missionContinue reading “Beg For Our Bars by Sam Tumblin”

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