Friday Polyester Music Hour!


FRIDAY…FRIDAY…FRIDAY…POLYESTER HOUR!!!!! What you know about that? If you
don’t know let me briefly explain.

“Friday Polyester Hour” as affectionately called by most DJ’s on Fridays when they play
select music mostly from the 70’s and 80’s sometimes early 90’s.

This is just not any old songs from that era it’s the “Pure Adulterated Funk make you
shake your trunk that takes you back to Afros and pics and wigs that stick!” Got It?

There where plenty of good artist that I enjoy singing, and bobbing my head to while
I’m driving or working on Friday’s…trust me site for sore eyes with my moves!

But one of my favorite spins some if the DJ’s play regularly on Polyester Hour is “She
Drop The Bomb On Me” by the GAP Band. Look when I hear that its like “World Please
Stop Spinning And Drop It With Me”!

Like I said I have many favorites on Friday Polyester Hour. Hey what’s yours even if you
break out the old eight track?

Picture Credits unsplash

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