Scent Of Lavender by Sam Tumblin

SCENT OF LAVENDER BY SAM TUMBLIN Scent of lavender reminds me of you Even if wind blowing still true Fragrant smell peaks my heart Close my eyes wishing not to depart Scent of lavender is clean and pure Why your love is the natural cure Wish I could hold and bottle up But that wouldContinue reading “Scent Of Lavender by Sam Tumblin”

Friday Polyester Music Hour!

FRIDAY POLYESTER MUSIC HOUR BY SAM TUMBLIN FRIDAY…FRIDAY…FRIDAY…POLYESTER HOUR!!!!! What you know about that? If youdon’t know let me briefly explain. “Friday Polyester Hour” as affectionately called by most DJ’s on Fridays when they playselect music mostly from the 70’s and 80’s sometimes early 90’s. This is just not any old songs from that eraContinue reading “Friday Polyester Music Hour!”

Eye Of The Storm by Sam Tumblin

EYE OF THE STORM BY SAM TUMBLIN In the eye of the storm do we remain undaunted unalarmed Or do we wither like a weed sprayed with pesticides not charmed When moments of truth do you spring and arise Maybe you the slick type know all the long than played surprised Whatever our thoughts andContinue reading “Eye Of The Storm by Sam Tumblin”

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