Time Fix by Sam Tumblin

TIME FIX BY SAM TUMBLIN Once in a blue moon my minds adrift On chaotic things in life endless riff Wishing time to fix like Doctor Who Navigating portals phone booth in lieu Eradicating my worstest dreams Drown them all in a warp of stream While the hour glass flows in reverse Fixing my pastContinue reading “Time Fix by Sam Tumblin”

Firefly by Sam Tumblin

FIREFLY BY SAM TUMBLIN Fire fly why do you fly away After lighting my path like the day Is this your ploy to leave and go Than illuminate the night just so To emancipate a smile from me Admiring the crafter’s hand I see As with all humans and non creativity Moon and stars evenContinue reading “Firefly by Sam Tumblin”

My Daily Creed by Sam Tumblin

MY DAILY CREED BY SAM TUMBLIN This is my personal daily creed I Wear on my heart only I read Pushing myself to the limit everyday Nothing can stop me definitely no way Set my mind till the deed is done I hate to waste time as others run We’re imperfect but my mind isContinue reading “My Daily Creed by Sam Tumblin”

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