Eyes Open by Sam Tumblin

EYES OPEN BY SAM TUMBLIN My eyes are open but really still closed Trying to block out what irks I once supposed Lost dreams and passion that I longed to be The years flashed so fast sad no fulfillment for me My eyes are open but really still closed Trying to block out what irksContinue reading “Eyes Open by Sam Tumblin”

Close Your Eyes And Dance by Sam Tumblin

CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DANCE BY SAM TUMBLIN Close your eyes and dance the night with me Spin you round and round until you feel free Make you feel like your an a far away place Swinging in each others arms to the tones with grace Don’t want this night to never ever come toContinue reading “Close Your Eyes And Dance by Sam Tumblin”

Whispers Slipping Away by Sam Tumblin

WHISPERS SLIPPING AWAY BY SAM TUMBLIN It’s all just whisphers slipping away If you say you love me but never say Maybe this a game you always play Kiss’em and love’em than go astray This is not how this suppose to be I want to hear your voice indefinitely You will always be mines forContinue reading “Whispers Slipping Away by Sam Tumblin”

Journey by Sam Tumblin

JOURNEY BY SAM TUMBLIN I started this journey a long time ago Living life aimlessly no place to go So much pain no one to confide Until I let you into my mind I tried to hideYou say that’s strange let it be You say that’s strange let it beCause you always will be thereforContinue reading “Journey by Sam Tumblin”

Truly Free by Sam Tumblin

TRULY FREE BY SAM TUMBLIN Would be nice to be truly free Far from our gloomy dark history Hunger corruption enmity strife From birth our present life Going down the gutter in ashes flames Hasn’t this always been life claim to fame Conceived out coffin buried in Repeat this regurgitation over the years again OneContinue reading “Truly Free by Sam Tumblin”

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